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Lynn Amowitz
Physician for Human Rights

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What Else She Said

Having a family hasn't changed how I've done this work. The only time it was limiting was when I couldn't go to Sierra Leone because I was giving birth to my daughter. But otherwise, it hasn't stopped me from doing anything.

It makes the details harder. Because I'm leaving I have to make sure that I have back-up for my husband, who's taking care of my son. Because I'm leaving, I have to make sure that my children have enough to eat, that their calendar is arranged, their friends know they may need to help out and those type of things. But it hasn't stopped me from doing anything and I think it's only added to my ability to do things.

Zoe is actually going with me to Afghanistan, which is new for PHR [Physicians for Human Rights] but you know, it's my job, she's nursing and I'm not going to give up one or the other just because I need to do this. She can continue nursing, I'm still going to be able to do my work. Frankly, if you ask any of the refugees that I'm going to be seeing whether they think it's extraordinary that I brought my daughter, they would probably say no. Because they are living under a lot more harsh conditions than I would be, even if I am living in a tent. I still have access to water and food and all these other things.

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