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Betsy Shure Gross
Environmentalist and Community Preservationist

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What Else She Said

It's hard to separate my advocacy from my paid work. I think that I think of myself as someone who works to change situations and so there's never really been a line between my advocacy and my paid work. And I'm increasingly aware that other people have lines.

Our phone sometimes rings at seven in the morning and eleven at night and I think that I maybe more than most people bring myself and my colleagues and my family and my friends to everything that I do. No one remains unscathed. And increasingly, when we get together in groups, and people are introducing themselves, and people will say, 'Well, Betsy dragged me to this,' or 'Betsy introduced me to this.' And it's really interesting that as you get older, you think, I really have had some influence.

I think that I define myself by really wanting to be part of a group and making connections and triaging the need and the people who can address the need. And my kids used to say, 'This place is like Grand Central Station!' but now I realize as I visit them, their places are like Grand Central Station... So as I look at these kids, I think, 'Ah! The Grand Central Station syndrome clearly had some echo in their lives.' And so I think that we've all, Gary included, have always been 'Rebels with a Cause.'...

So I'm not sure there is a line and I think maybe my life defines my work and my work is everything I do. Sometimes it's very nice to get the pay check, but I sometimes have to pinch myself to realize that I'm now being paid to do exactly what I want to do.

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