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Renee Brant
Child Abuse Expert

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What Else She Said

I think you always do [feel conflicts between professional work and family] because you only have a finite amount of time, your children only grow up once. There are certain points in your career development when you have to do what you have to do. So yeah, I did. But I think when push came to shove, I usually chose family.

For example, when I finished all my training, I was offered chief psychiatry residency at the place that I had trained. And I was a new mother. And I thought, I can't become a chief resident, where you literally marry a psychiatry unit, I've got a new baby. So I think I was the first person in history to say no to them. But it was a pretty clear choice to me. And yet it probably made some difference in my career development. And they were kind of aghast that I said no. And I felt sad that I had to say no, because I think I would have enjoyed it. But I felt very pleased to say I know that I can't make that kind of commitment.

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