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Judy Frieze Wright
Civil Rights Activist

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What Else She Said

When I had children, I realized that I would never put myself on the line like that again, at least not until they had grown up. I mean, being in the lucky position where I didn't have to, I couldn't imagine choosing to put myself in danger when my children were young. So I stayed out of politics for a long time and I always felt guilty. Something about having done something that involved you twenty out of twenty-four hours a day for so long... And then to go to where you're just living in your safe little house and bringing up your little family and not involved in politics very much made me feel guilty. Although I did, when I got home there were the years of the Vietnam war, and I did a lot around that. I did draft counseling, they called it... helping people figure out how to stay away from it, went to demonstrations and all that. I just had it in my blood to be deeply involved in [political] stuff like that. There was the Vietnam War and the women's movement -- I was involved in both of those things really deeply. They used to have these women's consciousness-raising groups and I ran those...So I guess after I first said that I wasn't that involved, I guess I actually was for a number of years, but nothing dangerous.

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