Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Lynn Amowitz
Physician for Human Rights

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What Else She Said

I don't think [my work] fits into women's traditional roles at all. It's not so common for women to travel and do these things on their own, and I generally travel alone, and I'm meeting with government officials, UN officials, NGO officials and there's not a lot of women in the field that I meet that are doing this. There are a lot of UN women field workers, but not so many human rights people that are doing things that are considered risky. Although I don't consider it that risky...

Most of my friends always say to me, 'Oh, I would never do that, I can't leave my kids for a second.' But my feeling is that one month out of their life is not going to make a huge difference and to be able to come back and tell them stories or bring them pictures about interesting things around the world is more important than being here and watching cartoon network for the month, or playing the same game for a month.

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