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Peggy Charren
Children's Television Advocate

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I think when it started, we were called 'housewives' in every story in the paper, and I never did anything about it. I thought you can only work on one issue at a time. And gradually, when you are responsible for a rule-making - rule-making at the Federal Trade Commission on both coasts, rule-making at the [Federal] Communications Commission... How did we get to the Commission? Here we were, housewives. I think that word should be stricken from everybody's vocabulary. You may be an at-home parent, and you may even be an at-home dilettante without children, but who's married to a house?

And when we started getting the Washington world to respond to us, people stopped thinking of us as parents. We didn't stop thinking of us as parents - we had to do both. But we were part of that world of lobbyists and industry that either made changes happen or didn't. And that's what happened to my perception of what we were. At the beginning, there's no question - we were parents. We met at home, we didn't have an office... And as we paid some staff and got to be a professional organization, we stopped feeling like this was 'women's work.' In fact, we had men on staff.

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