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Rivka Solomon

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What Else She Said

I had a party one night and a bunch of people over. And someone told this story of something bold and brazen that this woman did, and I just said, 'Oh, that takes ovaries!" and the whole room fell silent. And then all of a sudden everybody laughed. I saw the power of this phrase that was clearly a contradiction... to the norm that women aren't supposed to be bold and brazen. It was a contradiction to the phrase "that takes balls." Everybody says that phrase and it's immediately connoted that it's connected to men, that power and brazenness and risk-taking are connected to male genitalia. And "that takes ovaries" is saying we have power, too....

So that night I went to bed thinking "that takes ovaries" is such a neat phrase, it's really playful, it's brazen, it's pushing for gender equality... So I thought "that takes ovaries" would be... a great title for a book. So the next day I typed up a call for stories and sent it out to a few writer listservs and I sent it to a few friends and I said 'Please forward this on to anyone you know who's got ovaries: What have you ever done that's gutsy, bold, brazen, outrageous, audacious, courageous? Tell me about a time you felt proud about something you've done.'... It was clear very early on that it sparked something in people. It caused women to think about themselves, which is exactly what I wanted -- I wanted them to start questioning, 'Have I done something gutsy and bold? And if not, maybe I should.'

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