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Shannie Goldstein
Adjunct Professor of Hebrew Languages at Tulane; LCSW

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What Else She Said

My generation is the bridge generation between being the traditional fifties wife and mother, where—"No wife of mine is going to work!"—and having a daughter who's an attorney, and a daughter-in-law who's a Rabbi! So, I am the bridge. It's very confusing to be a bridge, because you don't know where you're supposed to be. I've ventured off on my own as a clinical social worker, but my priority is always my husband and his work and my children. Now I don't mean that to sound like a martyr. I mean seriously! I've been teaching Hebrew at Tulane for twenty-something years and I've been a social worker for sixteen, but I still consider my number one place is to be my husband's wife and my children's mother, and my grandchildren's grandma.

You know, I wonder. My mother, who is a wonderful woman and who is 87 years old, was admitted to Radcliffe College. She couldn't go, because she didn't have the money, and even if she did have the money, she couldn't have gone. I often wonder, what would she have done if she were able to self-actualize? What would I have done if my parents had said, "Before you get married you must be able to support yourself!" I wonder what would have become of me if I were born to myself?

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