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Janet Yassen
Anti-violence Advocate

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I think the idea of community is that especially nowadays there's really not one community. So I think that I find and seek communities that I can find and get support in. And it's not integrated necessarily. I don't have one community. I just began in the past six months meeting with some Jewish women who are very politically involved in the peace movement, some in the movement in South Africa, who struggle as Jewish women, who are much less Jewishly involved than I am, but struggle with the interface between their peace work and their political work and social action and what's going on in Israel and their Jewish identity. So that is another place that I've had to find to find some voices that resonate with mine or at least be engaged in the struggle without feeling like I am completely marginalized. So in that group I feel marginalized because of my more observant Jewish practice, in another group I feel marginalized because I'm Jewish, so it's still life in the margins.

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