Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Renee Brant
Child Abuse Expert

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I guess for the most part, I feel very lucky in that I've been able to use my gender to my advantage. And I think in part it's because I've been supported by the wave of feminism contemporaneous to my growth and development. So that the women's movement was just coming to the fore and beginning to blossom at a point when I was just beginning my education and career development has made, I think, a huge difference about being a woman and has made for while there have been challenges, there's much more of a sense of support and community in that you're not facing them alone.

If I were doing this in another time and place and era, I'm sure that my individual challenges would have felt much more lonely and much less supported. So I think I was lucky to have been born in the time that I was born. And I know that this time shaped me in many respects, both in terms of my choices in what I did - advocating for women and children in abuse and exploitation - but also in supporting me along the way. As I was meeting challenges, so was everyone else, and so there was a supportive politics and community.

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