Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Judy Wolf
Activist on Behalf of Children with Special Needs

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What Else She Said

[At] Wellesley[College] we were never taught that we were second best. We were expected to be the equal of anybody. So the women's movement was part of my life before it was articulated as a women's movement. My mother was a feminist without knowing it. She believed in women. The teachers believed in women. 'You are the girls of Girls Latin School. If you try hard enough you can do anything you set your mind to.'

The American Jewish Congress, where I was an officer and chairperson of the International Affairs Commission, was very involved with the women's movement in networking, in the friendship of women, in the collective strength of women, in the power of women. So historically I've always had very close women friends and colleagues, volunteers and professionals. And we've always been involved in activism and we think we were in the forefront. The women's division of the American Jewish Congress was the first Jewish organization to oppose the war in Viet Nam. The women's division started the women's plea for Soviet Jewry — it was the first major event.

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