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Rita Arditti
Human Rights Activist

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What Else She Said

We wrote the declaration for the rights of women in science, which was in our magazine, and we published a book entitled Science and Liberation. I was part of a group that put together a booklet that was called "How Harvard Rules Women" in 1977 which showed how Harvard was a patriarchal institution and how women were relegated to secondary and marginal roles. My writing has always focused on women, women and health, particularly cancer, women and reproduction, and women and human rights. Locally, I am one of the four women who co-founded New Words bookstore in 1974, in Cambridge, one of the first women's bookstores in the country. I am now a member of the Board of the Center for New Words, a new non-profit organization whose mission is summarized by our slogan, "Where Women's Words Count." We recently held our second annual conference on Women and the Media, WAM!, at the Stata Center at MIT. I have also been a member of the Board of Sojourner, the feminist Boston area monthly publication, for a number of years.

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