Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Miriam Waltzer
Protector of civil rights of minorities, juveniles, and women

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What Else She Said

I was the head of the task force [to investigate gender bias in the legal system.] I called it Women in the Courts. With a court reporter, we had a whole board who were on this task force. I put my friend Max on, also a Jew—so I would have a man. He was very sensitive to women. And we started hearings in Orleans Parish, we did the dog and pony show all over the state. We took hearings and women testified about what had happened to them in the courts. How they were treated as victims of domestic violence. How they were treated as lawyers, where the judge would say in a jury trial, "Oh, honey, come on, sit down!" and make derogatory remarks. Where a judge would address an expert who was a doctor, absolutely the expert on child abuse, and wouldn't qualify her to testify, and would refer to her as, "Miss! Miss! Miss!" all the time. Some of the people who came out to testify were so afraid, they would not give their name. The story was everywhere the same, that women were truly disadvantaged.

"You know, other gendered people, cross-gendered people, that is the last big thing we have to address on a civil rights level. On the government side, and on the lawmaking side, that's where really the battle has to rage.

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