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Janet Yassen
Anti-violence Advocate

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Right from the beginning we were always growing and changing, responding to what was needed. I think the real spirit of the movement has to do with being connected to what's really going on and listening to people. I mean, that's really what CR [consciousness raising] is all about -- listening to your own experience and listening to the experience of others -- and that's what continues to be the core of what keeps things growing and changing and alive.

So I always expanded to what was going on and reverberating in the world and in people's lives. I went from [working on] just rape to child abuse and then expanded from there to the issues of anti-violence and the larger issues. It was always the feminist movement, so we always looked at the socio-political aspect of how women as a class and as a gender were subjugated, assaulted, etc. And looking at it in a larger context I think has also paralleled the journey of the women's movement as it explored internally about racism and homophobia and sexism and anti-Semitism -- all those things were an integral part as we tried to create a movement that really could speak to people's lives.

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