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Renee Brant
Child Abuse Expert

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What Else She Said

When I was a young child in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the first woman who caught my eye was an exotic woman. She was Jewish, she was Italian. Some cousin of my mother's wanted to be a physician and didn't get into medical school in the United States. He went to Italy or Spain, went to medical school, met a woman, married her, brought her back. She was a woman physician, Jewish. She was very stylish, fancy, exotic. She was a whole new creature that I'd never seen before.

Then this first cousin of my mother's who lived in Boston area... She had left Minnesota against the grain. She had been a speechwriter for Hubert Humphrey. She lived in Boston. So she became someone who I kind of looked to. So I think one of the reasons I ended up in Boston was not only because it was reassuring to my mother, but because she was intriguing to me in that she'd left home and she did these really interesting things.

And then when I was in my medical training the three women who stood out were Malkah Notman and Carol Nadelson and then Dr. Vera Tisza in my training...They were very energetic women, they were scholars, they were clinicians, they were politically active, they were Jewish, they had families. So they sort of had it all. I was very inspired.

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