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Ruth Rothstein
Public Health Leader

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What Else She Said

I worked for a couple of people that I felt were [role models]. Remember my role models weren't necessarily women, because they weren't there. When I first came to Mt. Sinai I worked for a doctor, and convinced him I should be his aide-de-camp. I didn't even know what it meant, but I convinced him. He accepted that, and I became his aide-de-camp. That's how I was able to move to the next level, because he left. He was a role model because he taught me a lot about administration. He gave me the opportunity to do these things, to be a staff person working all over the hospital, so when he left, there was nobody who knew it as well as I did. In that sense he was a role model. You learn from everybody you work with, you take away something. I learn from everybody.

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