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Rivka Solomon

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What Else She Said

I actually believe the philosophy of the book [That Takes Ovaries!], which is that we're all role models for each other all the time. If you tell me about how you overcame this and that, I see you as a role model and I can try to incorporate your experience into me somehow and use that as a model. And I hope women readers can do that with the women in the book.

But in addition to that, obviously my parents have been real role models to me in choosing to be activists... Also women who put their lives on the line. It's so moving to hear about Sojourner Truth, Margaret Sanger -- who got thrown into prison to get us birth control -- women who somehow put their bodies in danger in order to help women in general... Bella Abzug was an early role model -- someone who's not quiet, who doesn't try to suppress her loud, vocal opinions... I was raised to be very loud, obviously, and not trying to suppress that. I will never be one of those quiet leaders. I really respect those quiet leaders, but I will never be one of them. I will be one of the loud, vocal, obnoxious leaders, and so it was nice to see someone doing that.

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