Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Hannah Jukovsky
Student Activist

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What Else She Said

[My grandmother] has all these different observations about how the country changed. And it's an interesting thing to look at. When you learn about American history, it always seems that you're hearing about it from the perspective of white people and basically it feels when you read it like there was just this big group of white people and all these other people on the outskirts that didn't really infiltrate the greater group of white people who didn't even know they existed or something.

We plead like, 'We didn't even know that was going on. Racism, what do you mean?' And she's like, 'No, there was so much interaction, there was so much tension, there were so many things going on.' And because at that time part of being Jewish was having to do things to get jobs, she changed her name to get a job.

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