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Peggy Charren
Children's Television Advocate

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What Else She Said

[McCarthyism] did [have a big impact] on the whole family. We thought our phone was being tapped. We belonged - as did a lot of people - to all those organizations that were on McCarthy's enemies list. You worried a lot about McCarthy - everybody did. You worried about the books that were in your library, if somebody came. I don't think anybody who didn't live through that realizes just how horrifying that was in this country...

It wasn't just Hollywood. It was teachers, it was all across the country. And boy, we let that guy get away with murder, because it was murder... So that was a politically forming experience in my life. I will never forget what McCarthyism was like in this country and when I hear some of the things that Republicans are dreaming up for various populations, it brings it all back.

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