Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Miriam Waltzer
Protector of civil rights of minorities, juveniles, and women

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What Else She Said

I remember when I was a child, my father saying to me, "I'll show you just once, and you better know how to do it after I'm done." Steal with your eyes, that was his thing. Whatever you see, put it to your head. I was very impatient. I never had a doll. I remember my sisters having a Morse code that they learned, although I was so small I couldn't learn it yet. He had conversations with us about the stars, and at a very early age, he told us about reproduction. Not how children are made, but how not to have children! (If you necessarily didn't want them.) And he picked all of this up. He read and traveled incessantly. He had no religion. He was an atheist. He thought that my interest in Judaism and my mother's interest in believing in God was totally and utterly ridiculous, and he made fun of it. And of course, since he made fun of it, I did it anyway.

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