Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Rebecca Chernin
Domestic and Teen Dating Violence Activist

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What Else She Said

Rebecca's family has always been affiliated with Orthodox synagogues. "I used to sit on my Dad's lap and play with his tallis and braid it." My father always goes to Friday night services, while the rest of the family and invited guests conduct a short Kabbalat Shabbat at home. "We always light candles, say kiddush, the Motzi, and then on Saturday mornings we get up and go to shul." The Chernins often have company or are guests at friends' homes for Shabbat afternoons. "My mother cooks a ton of food. Then we make Havdalah."

"It has always been ingrained in me to take action if there is a problem. I was taught that 'if you want something changed, you do something about it.'" All of the Jewish holidays are celebrated and observed. During the summers Rebecca always attended Orthodox Jewish camps—Mesora in New York, and Moshava in Wisconsin. "The family is 100% shomrei shabbat ...and strongly Zionist. We go to Israel every year. There is always discussion about Israel. I've been there [to Israel] five or six times just in the past three years."

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