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Vicki Gabriner
Civil Rights Activist

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What Else She Said

I grew up in a home where my parents were politically conscious and politically active. My parents were never members of the Communist Party, but they were very active in progressive causes, particularly my mother.

One of the formative ongoing happenings of my childhood was my mother's activism in the PTA. There was an extraordinary group of women who came together in the elementary school that I attended...So I learned a lot of my early politics standing by my mother and watching or participating with her in what she was doing... As a child, my mother was the President of the PTA and then for many years was the editor of this bulletin that they produced. And the women would get together every month to produce the bulletin and I have very strong memories as a child of lying in bed, which was just several feet from where the kitchen was, and hearing the murmur of their voices. I was very quietly being given a model of women being able to get together to do political and intellectual work.

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