Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Judy Somberg
Human Rights Activist, El Salvador

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What Else She Said

My parents were middle-class former activists themselves... They were active before the war and during the war years and sympathetic to the issues that the Communist party was involved in. They had a very progressive outlook until all the information about Stalin came out and they became less enamored of the organized Left... I had a vision of my parents being activists, but actually when I went off to college and became very active, they kind of denied it. They more identified themselves as regular, middle-class people, and were almost surprised that I said my activism came from them... I became active in high school around the war in Vietnam and then went off to college in 1969 and immediately joined SDS, and I think it was a little overwhelming to people of my parents' generation. It seemed very unrelated to what their activism had been.

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