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Peggy Charren
Children's Television Advocate

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What Else She Said

I think [my parents] brought me up so the way I feel was a perfectly rational adaptation of the way they felt. And although I'm more of an activist than they would ever have thought of being, what I'm concerned about is what they were concerned about. That's why I know all the labor songs' This was a guiding principle of my life in a way that certainly Judaism wasn't. I mean, I was delighted to be Jewish, there was no other religion I would have wanted to be. There was something about being part of a religion that had so many problems. I liked that, it resonated with what I thought was important...

When we would go away, I remember reading in the papers - the ads - that would say, 'Churches nearby.' And these were codes words for 'Don't come if you're Jewish.' I remember going through that kind of thing with my parents. But I associated that with the same kind of problems that labor union people had with the establishment.

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