Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Renee Brant
Child Abuse Expert

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What Else She Said
An important person along the way was Al Axelrod, the rabbi at Brandeis. Both [myself and my future husband] got pretty close to Al Axelrod, who was a very social activist Jewish rabbi. And then I guess I saw a way of being able to make a connection between social justice, social activism and religion in the Sixties, because we were involved in anti-Vietnam efforts. My husband was involved in draft counseling. I got involved also in issues around abortion, use of contraception, some other women's issues - so I began to be interested in that. So I think in college the new twist was that Judaism could be combined with social activism. It was a new discovery. In some ways I think the Jewish part of it faded into the background a bit after college... I stayed involved in the social activism things that we were doing, but it wasn't such a big thing in my mind that it was connected to Judaism. It wasn't counter to Judaism, but it wasn't Jewish identified, it was more the sort of generic issues of women, and war, and race, and civil rights that I was doing... It's been more in the past five years especially, maybe ten years, that I've somehow more consciously been connecting the Judaism and social activism, mainly through the congregation that I'm part of now, where there's a lot of focus on social activism integrated into the congregation.

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