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Marillyn Tallman
Settling Jews from DP camps post WW-II; protecting Jewish

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What Else She Said

If somebody doesn't know anything about Judaism and they get Jewish books in Russian... in a way that's rescuing their minds. It's their mitzvot, their mitzvot. Also, it unites us. It says to them, "You're sitting over their in Kishinev, literally in Kishinev. You're sitting over their in Cherkassy. I mean, you're sitting in Siberia. Sitting there. I know about you, not just Marillyn, We know about you. What do you need? What do you want?"

We have a philosophy, this organization of ours (Chicago Action for Soviet Jewry), we never tell (people what to do.) We are really partners. They say, "Money has been sent, what should we use it for?" We say, "You know best." I mean if you feel that your community wants to go visit the Warsaw Ghetto, that's not feeding anybody, it's not visiting the poor, the sick. It's not medicine, but it's a Jewish community event. It relates you to history.

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