Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Miriam Waltzer
Protector of civil rights of minorities, juveniles, and women

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What Else She Said

You see, I have my own interpretation. I thought, always, that my learning about Judaism was completely and utterly in accord with what I thought about life. I thought that every person mattered. I thought that if you had to see an injustice, you would have to talk about it, you couldn't just stand there. And you should not ever hide who you are. If it had to be in your face, it had to be in your face! "Look, this is what I am, and what you're saying isn't appropriate, and you calling this person a fag, or something—I don't appreciate that! And you don't give women rights; you think women can't do this? Let me tell you something about this! And you think Jews are no good, and they are the scum of the Earth? Let me tell you something else about that! You can't say these things to me. And you abuse children, or you don't treat children right? Then you have to put up with me, because I'm not going to take it!

I made a commitment when I converted. I learned the customs, I learned to read Hebrew. All of this was done, in my case, like a historical review: Why were Jews hated? My father's side was Jewish. My grandparents were Socialists. They protested with me in the buggy. Railroad strikes, and all that. They were some tough characters. And religion had nothing to do with it, I assure you. To call them secular is charitable. I learned this from a historical point of view. And what pleased me was that there was nobody telling me I had to believe this God or that God and I have to accept this as the truth and that as the truth. And what charmed me was that I can ask any question without harm coming to me. You know, I could say the most outrageous things! I could challenge Rabbis....I could doubt things. I could be angry at God, and I could sometimes think, God's a woman! It's really true. What do they know?

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