Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Anita Weinstein
Community Advocate

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What Else She Said

I was the only Jew in my dorm, and I wanted to be kosher, so I decided I was going to be kosher and I wrote a letter to the administration asking for kosher meals, cause pork was served... there was always a pork choice at the table, and I had never really—even though my parents didn't keep kosher, they ate kosher-style, and there wasn't a lot of pork, I had never confronted pork until I went to college. And no one said no, it was like, sure, we can do this, and we got it done. And I became sort of this nuisance, cause, people... they were burning crosses in Indiana when I was in college. Black people, Jews had horns and tails, and... they had never seen a Jewish woman before, or any kind of Jewish person before. And so I was being met with a prejudice and for some reason chose to engage and turn the whole paradigm around.

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