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Abby Shevitz
AIDS Physician and Advocate

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What Else She Said

"Two key Jewish values play a very important part [in my work]: education and compassion, just caring, loving, giving. Those things were extremely important in my family. Tying those together in medicine was the perfect way."

"I feel very strongly Jewish and guided by being a person of the book, an academic, as well as having a strong feeling for tzedakah and giving. So my Judaism definitely influences my work."

"Judaism has become much more important to me over time." Abby and her husband started making Shabbat before their son was born, and continue to do so. "I have picked up a fair amount of Hebrew through my husband, who was born in Israel." We became affiliated with a synagogue. Over time I got to know the rabbi, assistant rabbi, and cantor. I am now taking my first Torah study course this year... It took me a long time to feel comfortable in a synagogue, to feel connected. But that's become such a big part of me now." Abby offers advice to those estranged from Judaism: "find some baby step that you want to explore. See how it feels."

As an adult, Abby visited Israel a couple of times. Between her junior and senior years of college, she worked at the Weitzman Institute and also toured around the country. "It was an unbelievable experience to really see how far back our history goes and that it is living history there."

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