Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Janet Yassen
Anti-violence Advocate

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What Else She Said

It's really hard to separate [my work and my Jewish values]... because I'm a whole person who takes me wherever I go. So I would say that it would have to be [connected] because of how I grew up. And also, Camp Ramah does have a really strong social justice mission...At camp we would always do stuff in the local community -- whether it was helping paint houses, or just having discussions about larger political contexts. Because Tisha B'Av [a Jewish fast day commemorating the destruction of the temples in Jerusalem] happened every summer, we would always have that discussion... [and] you can't talk about the Holocaust without talking about political social issues. And involved in that is what kind of responsibility do we have as citizens of the world and as Jews to either make sure that doesn't happen again or to understand civil rights. So it's really hard to separate the two... It's just the texture of my life.

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