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Susan Maze-Rothstein
Diversity Activist and Lawyer

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What Else She Said

I do [see my activism as related to Jewish values]. It is that point of simpatico between Judaism and the African-American experience that I find so intriguing and is an emboldening source of empowerment to me that propels me forward to create justice in our society. Also because I am a lawyer, and a judge, the establishment of justice in our society means a lot to me. Judaism has a very strong focus on justice and fairness.

A lot of the the study my family did when I was a child focused on exactly how Judaism does this - in business, in agriculture, how do we make things fair, what do we do for the strangers in our gates? Judaism holds the concept of marginalized people and actually has developed thought and writings around how we treat marginalized people. That, to me, is an extremely important and wonderful aspect of Judaism that I draw on as I work through issues of diversity.

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