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Rebecca Young
Prisoners' Rights Lawyer

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What Else She Said

I definitely do [see my activism as related to Jewish values] although I didn't start doing the work I do because I made some connection in my mind that it related to Judaism in any way. But now, I definitely feel like there's a relationship in various ways. Partly, that my own experiences as a kid - feeling like I was part of a certain minority group - make me feel a connection to my client [clients] that I might not have felt otherwise, that the standard white woman might maybe not make. But so many folks who are in prison, certainly almost all of them come from impoverished backgrounds, and a disproportionate number of them come from racial minority groups. So I think that's a certain kind of connection.

And I also think that in general, I do really feel like - mostly because it so happens that I've become interested in this kind of work - it really is my job here to try to make it better. And to try to improve the system that I think is flawed, grossly, at its core. And so the whole idea of repairing the world - that's kind of infused in what I feel I try to do every day.

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