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  Marilyn Paul
  Management Educator in Gaza
  Boston WWD Event 2000
  Born in 1952
  Ran management development program for Palestinian and Israeli health professional in the Gaza Strip
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Marilyn Paul was born in Boston in 1952 and raised in Lexington in an assimilated family. In 1982, Paul went to Israel for the first time and was surprised to find herself very drawn to life there. After earning her PhD in organization and management, Paul returned to Israel in 1987 for a post-doctoral fellowship at the Hebrew University. While she was there, she had a fortuitous encounter with a group of public health workers, who invited her to run a management development program for health professionals in the Gaza Strip. Thirty Palestinians and six Israelis took part in this sixteen session course, which was carried out under a media block in order to protect the participants. Paul traveled to Gaza once a week in either a convoy or a UN vehicle, since it was not safe for her to travel there alone. The Palestinians participants were particularly at risk, perceived by some members of their own communities as collaborators with the Israelis because of their association with the project. Paul describes this experience as one of the most rewarding jobs that she has held, as it demonstrated some people's willingness to take risks in order to educate themselves and to establish meaningful interactions with others.

In 2000, Paul and her husband returned to Israel to continue their work as organizational consultants.

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I'm not sure a man could have done the job. I think part of my advantage was I'm a woman in a mostly male setting. ...More 
What I saw is a lot of activism happening in Israel that had no impact. You know, lots of people making statements and trying to get things done. ...More 
The work in Gaza was probably one of the best jobs that I've ever had. And it affected me very deeply because I was working with people who had such incredible courage ...More 
There was a moment at graduation that was very moving, when everyone got their diplomas. ...More 
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