Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Ruth Abrams
Answer - Being a Woman Activist (Ruth Abrams - bias)

Lynn Amowitz
Answer - Being a Woman Activist (Lynn Amowitz)
Answer - Work and Family (Lynn Amowitz - ari)

Renee Brant
Answer - Women's Movement (Renee Brant)

Peggy Charren
Answer - Women's Traditional Roles (Peggy Charren)

Judi Hirshfield-Bartek
Answer - Path to Activism (Judi Hirshfield-Bartek - travel)
Answer - Impact on Self (Judi Hirshfield-Bartek - identity)

Hannah Jukovsky
Answer - Impact on World (Hannah Jukovsky)

Margaret Lazarus
Answer - Jewish values (Margaret Lazarus)
Answer - Challenges (Margaret Lazarus)

Shelley Morhaim
Answer - Path to Activism (Shelley Morhaim - nuclear war)
Answer - Impact on World (Shelley Morhaim - farm)
Answer - Work and Family (Shelley Morhaim - daughter)

Galina Nizhnikov Veremkroit
Answer - Role Models (Galina Nizhnikov Veremkroit)

Marla Oros
Answer - Work and Family (Marla Oros - husband)
Answer - Jewish values (Marla Oros - Tikkun Olam)
Answer - Impact on World (Marla Oros - community)

Laurie Schwab Zabin
Answer - Impact on Self (Laurie Schwab Zabin)
Answer - Challenges (Laurie Schwab Zabin)
Answer - Rewards (Laurie Schwab Zabin)

Betsy Shure Gross
Answer - Family Upbringing (Betsy Shure Gross - observant)
Answer - Role Models (Betsy Shure Gross)
Answer - Rewards (Betsy Shure Gross)

Rivka Solomon
Answer - Family Upbringing (Rivka Solomon - grandmother)
Answer - Jewish values (Rivka Solomon)

Hanna Weinberg
Answer - Path to Activism (Hanna Weinberg - CHANA)
Answer - Impact on World (Hanna Weinberg - motivation)

Janet Yassen
Answer - Being a Woman Activist (Janet Yassen)

Rebecca Yenawine
Answer - Impact on World (Rebecca Yenawine - kids)