Weaving Women's Words: Seattle Stories


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Weaving Women’s Words: Seattle Stories

Thirty Seattle-area Jewish women whose lives span the twentieth century share their life experiences with all of us in this exhibition. Their stories of the past are balanced artfully by finely rendered photographs made in the here-and-now; vivacious portraits of these women who continue their remarkable lives in the present and on into the future. Study their wonderful words and faces, there is much to learn.

These are women whose lives-in large and small ways-have touched and influenced thousands of people in and beyond their communities. They created families and businesses; textiles and food-laden tables; literature and music; institutions and homes. They came here from places like Turkey and Rhodes, from Germany and Romania; from Mississippi and New York City and Seattle’s own hills. They converse in English and Yiddish, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) and German. They have wrestled with fears, and crossed boundaries of faith and cultures and nationalities and professions. They have reflected on lessons handed down to them, and on the lessons of their own well-lived lives.

And so we invite you to walk and reflect and laugh and share in the lives and histories of women you may never have met, but whose humanity and experiences may seem close and true. Here in these stories are their wisdom, their beauty, their faith and their humanity. We listen. We learn. We nod our heads in recognition and we smile with gratitude. We know that these Seattle Stories are a great legacy to each of us. Hopefully we are wise enough to live lives worthy of the gift.

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