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Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories honors the lives of thirty Jewish women who lived in Baltimore among family and friends. Each has a story to tell.

Born early in the twentieth century, our narrators lived through decades of political, social and economic upheaval, as well as dramatic changes in expectations for women and Jews. Doctors and lawyers, homemakers and saleswomen, our narrators reflect the astonishing diversity that characterized the lives of this pivotal generation of Jewish women.

Over a period of two years, the Jewish Women's Archive captured their memories through oral history interviews as part of a national initiative to preserve the stories of American Jewish women. This exhibition explores their worlds through the women's own words, intimate photographic portraits, and vibrant works of interpretive art.

Through these lenses, we invite you to share the stories of a dynamic generation of Jewish women, whose stories have too often been missing from the pages of our communal experience. These are new histories, histories capable of renewing us.

Rosalie Silber Abrams
Fiola Blum
Elsbeth Levy Bothe
Shoshana Shoubin Cardin
Rose P. Cohen
Lois Blum Feinblatt
Ruth Finkelstein
Bess Fishman
Edith Furstenberg
Sarah Kappelman Harris
Clementine L. Kaufman
Naomi Kellman
Nina Lederkremer
Elsie Miller Legum
Beatrice L. Levi
Ruth Surosky Levy
Selma Litman
Micky Loveman
Esta Maril
Amalie Rothschild
Jane Krieger Schapiro
Shirley Silver Selis
Minna Shavitz
Vivienne Shub
Lillie Steinhorn
Frances Berman Sulsky
Hanna Weinberg
Ingeborg B. Weinberger
Laurie Schwab Zabin

Art themes
Resilience by Robbin Ami Silverberg
Industry by Wendy Jachman
Achievement by Rhoda London
Creativity by Lynne Avadenka
Community by Tammra Sigler
Continuity by Harriete Estel Berman
Sustenance by Bonnie Lee Holland
Activism by Leslie Golomb Hartman
Innovation by Carol Hamoy
Heritage by Viviana Lombrozo
Connection by Debra Olin

Exhibition credits
About participating artists

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Portraits of the narrators are by photographer Joan Roth. For over three decades, Roth has traveled the world to photograph Jewish women in their own environments. Her award-winning photographs have been published and exhibited worldwide and are now in private collections and museums. The Jewish Women's Archive is profoundly grateful to her for her dedicated participation in Weaving Women’s Words in Baltimore and Seattle. Her work provides a richly nuanced portrait of Jewish women in these communities and an invaluable record of American Jewish women at the turn of the twenty-first century.

Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories was on view at the Jewish Museum of Maryland from March 2004–January 2005.

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