Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia


Lara Daemmig

Lara Daemmig was born in East Berlin in 1964. She studied librarianship before working for some years as publisher of an international professional magazine on publishing and librarianship. At present she works for a Jewish organization in Berlin. In the early 1990s she contributed significantly to the creation of a Rosh Hodesh group and an egalitarian minyan. In addition, she researched Jewish themes for various exhibitions at a museum of local history and also researched the lives of Jewish women in Berlin. In May 1999 she collaborated with Elisa Klapeck in organizing Bet Debora. Like Klapeck, she has been active in the revival of Jewish life in Germany and in Europe. Her publications include “Berthe Falkenberg: A Search for Clues” (in Living with Memory, Berlin 1996), about the president of the Berlin-based National Union of Jewish Women’s Associations (Landes-Verbandes der Jüdischen Frauenbundes).

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