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Adeline Cohnfeldt Lust

by Elana Shever

Adeline Cohnfeldt Lust wrote popular short stories, editorials, and articles for many newspapers, as well as a novel. She was born in Crefeld, Germany, on April 12, 1860, to Albert and Henrietta (Davis) Cohnfeldt, but left her birthplace at an early age and immigrated to England. There she attended boarding school and studied with private tutors. At age fifteen she was already a published journalist. In 1876, she came to America and settled in New York.

She was a talented musician with a beautiful singing voice and could have become a concert performer, but chose to focus on her writing instead. On September 17, 1884, Adeline Cohnfeldt married Philip G. Lust. She wrote “Features of New York Life” and short stories for the New York Graphic (New York Illustrated Weekly Graphic) in 1882. Her stories were so well received that leading newspapers throughout the United States reprinted them. Both the Cincinnati Graphic and the New York Graphic published Harum Scarum as a serial novel in 1885. She became a regular contributor to the American Press Association. A Tent of Grace, her only novel, was published in 1899. It recounts the life of Jette, a Jewish orphan girl, who grows up in a Christian village in Germany. The young hero struggles with assimilation and antisemitism.

The date of Adeline Lust’s death is unknown.


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