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Stories Untold: Jewish Pioneer Women 1850-1910

An exhibition of Andrea Kalinowski's Multimedia Portraits

JWA sponsored Andrea Kalinowski's Stories Untold: Jewish Pioneer Women 1850–1910 exhibition at the Boston Public Library (which ran April–May 2004) as part of our 350th anniversary program events.

Andrea Kalinowski brings together quotes from diaries and news stories, photographs, and quilt patterns to tell unique stories from these pioneer women's lives. In Western Pioneers, you will find excerpts from these diaries and memoirs, pictures of the women Kalinowski incorporated into her artwork, and additional pointers to online resources about Jewish women as pioneers of the American West.

"Finally she pulled her guns on Pat. He went flying and so did the bullets."
—about Anna Marks

"We sold everything we possessed except our three children."
—Anna F. Solomon

'By Gingo! What a beautiful woman in these war times. A fellow might be tempted to kidnap her.'
—said of Betty Spiegelberg

"Mother said the Yankees were lovely people but very wasteful and poor cooks."
—daughter of Fanny Brooks

"I could not be harnessed by telling me that children don't have to know. That only made me more curious."
—Fanny Jaffe Sharlip

"At that time I was the eighth woman in Santa Fe."
—Flora Langerman Spiegelberg

"Each family was to keep its chickens under its bed and the ends and sides were closed off to form a cage."
—Rachel Calof

"… when the cream separator came into common use I felt that the pioneer's days were gone and that the land was tamed forever."
—Sara Thal

"I think this is quite a record and will be pleased to hear from any woman who can beat it."
—Mrs. Zelickson

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Andrea Kalinowski has given JWA permission to use excerpts from and images of her work.

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