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Our Bodies Ourselves

In case you haven’t heard, Naomi Wolf just came out with a new book, Vagina: A New Biography, and it just might change your life.

So hot right now: Vagina is the new black


The word "vagina," is having a cultural moment, according to Rebecca Keegan of the Los An

Thanks to Eve Ensler, every day is V-Day


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To millions of people all over the world, V-Day means much more than roses and a romantic dinner.

Yet to come: Orgasm Inc. and the invention of female sexual dysfuntion


Orgasm Inc

Last night I saw Orgasm Inc., a documentary film by Liz Canner about the medicalization of female sexual pleasure and the race to find a cure for so-called "female sexual dysfunction."

Groundbreaking tampon ads still can’t use the word “vagina”


A new advertising campaign by U for Kotex has done what no menstrual product company has done before—create an ad that is not only straightforward about menstruation, but also pokes fun at its own history of vague and sanitized ads. Both reasons make this ad campaign groundbreaking, but for some reason, you still can’t say “vagina” on TV.

Well-behaved vaginas rarely make history


Fourteen years after its first performance, The Vagina Monologues has become a February tradition.

Wolf, Chesler Weigh In on the Hijab — and Each Other


Naomi Wolf — the feminist Jewish author of the bestselling landmark book, “The Beauty Myth,” which brazenly exposes how the multi-billion dollar beauty industry manipulates women’s entire sense of self — is gorgeous. For two decades now, the brilliant and outspoken Wolf has decried cosmetics, plastic-surgery and hair removal businesses while appearing, let’s just say, well made-up.

A vagina by any other name…


Over lunch today, our conversation turned to an article a couple of us had recently read in Tablet about Yiddish words for vagina. (Yes, this is fairly typical lunchtime conversation at the Jewish Women's Archive.) None of us had really thought much about this topic before, but we were all quite intrigued. Why yes, it IS strange, we agreed with the author, Elissa Strauss, that Yiddish slang for penis has been assimilated into general English usage, while Yiddish slang for vagina is virtually unknown.

Rising Voices


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