Reproductive Rights

Mourdock, Menses, and Breasts


Bra Hanging

Here We Go Again. Add Mourdock to the Akin mixology, shake, and serve on the rocks.

WHO DECIDES? Judaism says: You & I


Hebrew Text

We are talking about abortion.

Friday Social Media BliNtz (Week 2)


Blau, Marietta - still image [media]
Emma Goldman

Welcome to week two of the Friday Social Media BliNtz— like a blitz but tastier.

Contemporary Abortion Politics: Good for the Jews?


Green Woman Impressionistic

This title is, admittedly, at least partially tongue in cheek.

Why are there so many prominent Jewish pro-choicers in politics?


Michigan Rep. Lisa Brown

Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown has become a new heroine of the pro-choice movement, and she achieved this status both by invoking her Judaism and by using the word “vagina” on

Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown: Jewish superhero for abortion


Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown is a champion. A hero. A "Jewess with Attitude" to the n'th degree. 

The Jewish community needs to step up and speak out for abortion rights


There are many reasons that Sarah Tuttle-Singer’s piece, “My Jewish Abortion,” in Tuesday’s Kveller,

Backing up birth control, and each other


Birth Control

In an ironic, but perhaps unplanned turn of events, this year's Back Up Your Birth Control Day of Action comes the day after the premiere

Enthusiastic agitators: Jewish women on birth control


I'm not the first one to point out how outrageous it is that in 2012, birth control is a controversial political issue. In these trying times, it helps to look back to the Jewish women who have come before us--and already fought this war for us--for outrage, guidance, and inspiration.

Below are some thoughts from Jewish women on contraception, taken from the handy book, The Quotable Jewish Woman, edited and compiled by Elaine Bernstein Partnow.

Why I no longer support Susan G. Komen


Eve Ellis

It is with a heavy heart and an angry mind, that I have raised and donated my last dollar for Komen.


Rising Voices


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