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Miriasha Borsykowsky with Laverne Cox

I consider myself a feminist, and I also strive to combat other axes of oppression in my daily life, but sometimes I fall through. Far too often, I’ll stay quiet when I hear someone make a transphobic comment or a misogynistic remark. Some days I’m really not up to challenging that person, but other times I just let myself believe that it’s not my battle, that it doesn’t matter, that someone else will take care of it.

pJewishMisanthropy announces "Kosher Camera" that erases women in real time


Kosher camera

Yesterday eJewish Philanthropy released a special, satirical Purim edition of their usual newsletter called http://pjewishmisanthropy.wordpres

International Women's Day and Purim: Finding the connection


International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s.

An “Extraordinary” Purim with Shira Kline and Jon Adam Ross


Shira Kline and Jon Adam Ross
Shira Kline performing at Purim Primary event

Having survived a blizzardy drive down dark, unfamiliar roads last Wednesday evening, I shook the cold and snowflakes from my coat and walked into a warm room at the Newton JCC.

Eating Jewish: Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach and Chickpeas)


Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach and Chickpeas)

Hamantaschen are the signature food of Purim, and I definitely look forward to this time of year knowing that I’ll get to eat my fill of those delicious cookies.

Cookie cleavage: How much is too much?


I took these pictures last Purim to illustrate a little-discussed aspect of the aspect of hamantashen baking: Cookie cleavage.

Purim, drinking, and consent: The Jewish community's role in preventing sexual violence


College party

In the end, I hung the plastic bag of condoms on the door handle of my hotel room.

Eating Jewish: Oznei Haman (Haman’s Ears)


Oznei Haman

There are many Purim sweets that are modeled after Haman's anatomy or clothing.

Eating Jewish: Iraqi Purim Delicacies


Sambusak el Tawa (Iraqi chickpea turnovers)
Hadgi Badah

With preparation for Purim in full swing, there is no doubt that many people are thinking about Hamantaschen, which has become synonymous with this holiday in North America.

Gluten-free bakery style hamantaschen


Gluten-free bakery style hamantaschen
Gluten-free bakery style hamantaschen 2

This was originally posted at Gluten Freedom on January 2, 2011. Reposted with permission. 


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