Liberation in poetry: Who Knows One


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It should be easy to speak praise at a time of liberation. It is not.

Eating Jewish: Artichoke pesto with matzah


Artichoke Pesto with Matzah

Reading through my copy of the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food by Gil Marks, I learned that artichokes are a common feature on the Passover tables of Italians and other Sephardim, since they u

Passover Postage: Sending matzah to China


United States Postal Service

Two things I don’t understand about the US Postal Service: Why it’s the workers, not customers, who go “postal.” Secondly, how it could be in trouble when it has me

Passover Poetry: Giving Miriam her song


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In recent years, Miriam has become regular presence at the Passover table.  For some she is there in the form of

Eating Jewish: Coconut Matzah Brei


Coconut Matzah Brei

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine: I actually like those tinned coconut macaroons that come out for Passover each year.

Cleaning for Passover, missing my Bubbe


Mayim Bialik's Bubbe


I’ve started cleaning for Passover, have you?

Eating Jewish: Fava bean soup (Bessara)


Fava Bean Soup (Bessara)

I pride myself on constantly using and experimenting with a variety of ingredients when I cook. However, fava beans were one of those things that hadn’t made it into my culinary repertoire.

Passover Poetry: Studying the Mundane and Holy Terrain


Merle Feld, 2010
2012 National Poetry Month Logo

Living as a poet means you are acutely attuned to the voices within, you seek to listen, to discern the words that best capture your own inner truth.

Celebrating Miriam


Miriam in "The Songs of Joy"

Big sister. Song leader. Outspoken challenger. Prophet. In her many roles, Miriam is integral to the story of Exodus. Her legacy is complex, dynamic, and hopeful.


Rising Voices


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