The Burlesque Poetess: A Jewess with "Artitude"


Jojo Lazar
Lamah by Jojo Lazar
Jojo Lazar and Amy Macabre

Jojo Lazar is a Boston-based multimedia visual and performance artist with a dizzying

Adrienne Rich: navigating hope


Rich, Adrienne - still image [media]

The news of Adrienne Rich’s death yesterday at age 82 sent me immediately to my bookshelves and an extended swim through the currents of words she has left behind. All writers believe in the power of words—and maybe especially poets, whose words are fewer and so carefully chosen—but for me Rich’s writing particularly and persuasively argued for the ability of words, language, expression to create new realities, to change the world.

"Sipping from the Nile": A memoir of the Exodus of Cairo's Jewish daughters


Jean Naggar
Jean Naggar as a child

I was raised in a beautiful mansion on the banks of the Nile, in a multi-cultural multi-lingual Sephardic Italian Jewish family in Egypt: a Middle Eastern family, where men rose to prominence by th

Jewish Book Carnival: November 2011



This month, the folks at the Jewish Women's Archive and its blog Jewesses with Attitude are honored to host the November Jewish Book Carnival.

The Comic Book Diaries


"Self-Portrait (for Graphic Details)", 2010

As part of Yeshiva University Museum’s “Graphic Details – Confessional Comics by Jewish Women” event, I attended the October 24th “Close and Personal: Jewish Women Artists and Their Graphic Diaries

Celebrating "The Little Bride" with readings and song


Anna Solomon, author of "The Little Bride"

Anyone who knows me would have been surprised to see me walking down Mass Ave in Cambridge the other night and into a hip club on the edge of the M.I.T.campus. What was I doing there?

Interview with Jane Kohuth: "Estie the Mensch"


"Estie the Mensch" cover
Jane Koluth

Estie would rather be a dog or a turtle or a monkey than a person.

Author, author! JWA inspires a novelist


JWA often profiles authors on our website. Imagine our pleasant surprise this week when we found out we inspired an author!

Wendy Wasserstein: Center stage


Wendy Wasserstein

I miss Wendy Wasserstein. How much so? Well, when Hillary Clinton announced she was running for president, my second thought—right after “All right!”—was: “What would Wendy say?”.

JWA Summer Reading Staff Picks


Summer Reading

August is here, and with it the last few weeks of rest and relaxation before the holidays, school, and general hustle and bustle of fall.


Rising Voices


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