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Image courtesy of Rabbi Janie Grackin.

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Photo courtesy of Rabbi Janie Grackin.

This week we were excited to receive news that our Hanukkah video, Women Who Light Up Our Lives, inspired Rabbi Janie Grackin to create a special project for "Rosh Hodesh Hanukkah." A Florida-based Jewish community educator and participant in JWA's summer Institute for Educators, Janie writes:

A few years ago, I was assigned the project of creating a special event—Rosh Hodesh Hanukkah. What could be better than a night filled with light to honor women? And we all look better in the glow of candlelight!

This year, I was inspired by the Jewish Women's Archive to ask the question: "Who are the women who light up your life?" The evening event of Hanukkah blessings, food and wine was dedicated to sharing the sacred stories of the women who have inspired us, supported us, taught us, nurtured us, and blessed us. What better time to honor them and rededicate ourselves to their teachings than this holiday of Hanukkah?

This year's guests shared stories of women friends, clergy, politicians, sisters, mothers and grandmothers. The tales that were told brought laughter, tears, and pride.

We are who we are today because they blessed our lives with their light.

By supporting JWA's work, you will ensure that the stories of Jewish women who light our way will be discovered, shared, and remembered by generations to come.

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