No Time Out for This Troublemaker


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JWA doesn’t just live online. Occasionally, we do things in real time, with real, flesh and blood people. Just a little less than a month from today, we will hold our Annual Awards Luncheon where we will honor three women, whom we fondly refer to as “troublemakers”: Rachel Sklar, Rachel Cohen Gerrol, and Bel Kaufman.

A few more stories for the road


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As I prepare to leave my position as JWA’s Director of Public History after more than 12 years here, my mind keeps returning me back to the summer day in 2000 when I first stepped into the offices of the Jewish Women’s Archive. At the time, I was a disgruntled graduate student, disillusioned with life in the Ivory Tower and the academic study of women’s history. (Was a library really the best place to learn about women’s activism, I wondered?).

Sharing stories, inspiring change


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Last week, Rabbi Scott Perlo wrote a provocative article in the Washington Post in which he addressed the continuing discomfort that many Jews—even liberal, gender-equity-supporting ones—feel about female rabbis. He suggests that this puzzling phenomenon may be due to the central place nostalgia holds in many people’s feelings about Judaism. It comes as no surprise that this nostalgic vision does not include female rabbis.

Mary Antin's Promised Land


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Boston, MA-- Last night the New Center for Arts and Culture presented an evening of music and storytelling drawn from the h

Dr. Judith Rosenbaum Talks Living the Legacy with Jewschool


Don't Patronize Reds!

This fall, the Jewish Women’s Archive released its latest online curriculum in the Living the Legacy series, a Jewish social justice education

The Dynamic Etta King Talks Shop: Education, Feminism, JWA As Bridge


JWA Open Door
Etta with Matriarchs
Executive Director Gail Reimer and Twersky Award Winner Allyson Mattanah

Enjoy this interview with the dynamic Etta King, JWA's Education Manager.

Letter from an (inspired) intern


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JWA Open Door

Dear JWA Supporter:

A Look at JWA at 16


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The summer’s whizzed by and so has JWA’s fiscal year (which ends September 30th). As that date approaches, we’ve been taking a hard look at the numbers.

Enjoy some Vlog noshing from JWA's Institute for Educators


As JWA's Institute for Educators comes to a close, we wanted to share a few moments ... and messages.

Bread & Roses, Raisins & Almonds, Labor & Sustenance


Leah Wolff-Pellingra's handwritten sustenance poem from I4E

This week teachers from around the nation are participating in JWA’S Institute for Educators.


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