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Landing the Triple: Female, Israeli, and First


Anya Davidovich

Anya Davidovich, a sixteen-year old girl born in the USA, will be skating for Israel in the Winter Olympics. Her parents are Israeli, and most of her family lives in Israel. She is part of the first-ever pairs team to compete for Israel in the Olympics and the only female member of Team Israel. Anya will be carrying the flag for the Israeli delegation.

Paula Sinclair, JWA Director of Programs & Partnerships, interviewed Anya and her mother as they prepared for their trip to Sochi.

Tu B'Av: The Morning After


Woman in field with rainbow

I have always loved Tu B’Av, a holiday that honors the ancient tradition in which maidens, dressed in white, gather and dance in the fields and vineyards, intent on meeting their beshert,

Faith is packing your timbrel


Miriam in "The Songs of Joy"

Last Pesach, I heard a sermon given in which my friend and rabbi used the phrase “faith is packing your timbrel” and I got super fixated on this concept and have found it running throug

What can we learn from Jewish women partisans? Jewish Partisan Education Foundation announces 2012 Youth Writing Contest


Jewish Partisan Education Project 2012 Youth Writing Contest

Thanks to the success of feature film Defiance (2008), Americans now associate the history of Jewish partisans with the hunky Bielsk

Miri Shalem of Beit Shemesh and dance as a tool of social change


Before most of us ever heard of the small town of Beit Shemesh, Miri Shalem the orthodox mother of four children and a long-time resident was directing the town’s JCC.

Remembering Hanna Weinberg, pioneering advocate for domestic abuse victims


Hanna Weinberg

For women in the Orthodox Jewish community, domestic abuse is still too often suffered in silence.

Gertrude Elion inducted into the Jewish-American Hall of Fame


Gertrude Elion medal
Lillian Wald medal

JWA Woman of Valor Gertrude Elion has been chosen as the 2011 honoree to be inducted into the Jewish-Am

Remembering Judith Resnik, the first Jewish American woman in space


Resnik, Judith - still image [media]
Judith Resnik in space

Judith Resnik never showed any particular interest in space travel – but when NASA began recruiting women and minorities, she decided to apply anyway.

Laura Margolis: The Heroine of Shanghai


At JWA, we love to see other organizations (and not just women’s organizations) sharing and celebrating the stories of unheralded Jewish women.

Frances Goldin, 87-year-old Occupy protester unsuccessfully tries to get arrested


In response to the police crackdown on Occupy protests across the country, thousands of people assembled with renewed energy at Occupy Wall Street on November 17th, dubbed the Occupy Wall Street Da


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