Jewish Mothers

Leaving In Order To Return



Though still in the month of Elul, we are approaching Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We are leaving 5772 behind and will soon enter 5773.

Sarah's Choice


Sarah / Salome

One recent summer weekend, my life—or my awareness of its imperatives—underwent a radical shift. My 28-year-old son was away at the beach with friends.

Where have all the Jewish fathers gone?


Father and daughter

Thank goodness, it’s almost Father’s Day! Which means the pressure is off, at least for a day, to please mom. Whew!

Embarrassed and Embarrassing Mothers


In a video clip posted on the new website for MAKERS: Women Who Make America, writer Judy Blume remembers embarrassing her mother when she discussed female masturbation on Dr. Ruth’s talk show. “My mother was horrified,” Blume recalls many years later.

My mother, the storyteller


Emily Kadar with her mother, Miriam Kadar, and sister Dorothy

Judaism is rooted in our people’s ability to tell a good story.

My two moms: Jewesses with a different kind of attitude


Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez dancing with her emma
Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez hugging her mommie

I am a lucky girl. I have two women who I call mom. Well, one I call mommie and the other emma (Hebrew for mother), but that’s just semantics.

Toward an inclusive celebration of Jewish motherhood


What does it mean to be a Jewish mother?

Sara Bock: A Jewish mother with attitude


Batsheva (Shevi) Salberg with Sara Bock
Sara Bock with mother and sister

My mom is not famous, like her sister, Lea Nikel, who is included in JWA's online encyclopedia of Jewish women.

Esther Wojcicki: A Jewish mother of the tech revolution


I sometimes direct tourists toward 'the HP garage,' which is marked with a plaque and gets photographed a lot. It is three blocks down the street from my house.

Lucy Kramer Cohen: A public-spirited woman/a private inner life


Lucy Kramer Cohen portrait
Lucy Kramer Cohen, 1932

Ever dream of making a film about someone you wanted the world to know more about?


Rising Voices


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