The story of creation: Artist Miriam Karp on making her daughter's bat mitzvah tallit


Isabella with tallit by Miriam Karp 2
Isabella with tallit by Miriam Karp

Miriam Karp is an artist who has been creating hundreds of one-of-a-kind ketubot since 1976.

Meet Rebecca Cohen and Gyno-Star, the world’s first explicitly feminist superhero


Gyno-Star: Feminist Superhero
Rebecca Cohen, creator of The Adventures of Gyno-Star
The Adventures of Gyno-Star panel

Wonder Woman, created in the 1940s, showed the world that women could kick butt.

Ms. Magazine: A chat with Lesléa “Heather Has Two Mommies” Newman


Lesléa Newman

I want to give a shout out to Lesléa Newman, an iconic yet under-recognized gay Jewish writer whose work continues to inform the changing landscape of GLBT rights in the U.S.

Meet Steampunk Emma Goldman


Steampunk Emma Goldman
Steampunk LGBT equality rally flyer

One of my favorite aspects about being Jewish is mixing tradition with the present.

Interview with Jane Kohuth: "Estie the Mensch"


"Estie the Mensch" cover
Jane Koluth

Estie would rather be a dog or a turtle or a monkey than a person.

Meet Jaclyn Friedman: Jewess with attitude


Jaclyn Friedman

I recently had the pleasure to sit down for brunch with Jaclyn Friedman, Executive Director of Women, Action and the Media and co-editor of Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape. Jaclyn Friedman is writer, speaker, activist, and rising star in the current feminist community.

Interview: Vlada Bilyak on young, Soviet identity in the US


I spend a lot of time thinking about Jewish identity: what it means to be Jewish, what kinds of obligations I have because I identify as a Jew (if any), and what kinds of factors moderate or mediate the ways in which Jewishness and Judaism can be understood. Because of this, I really enjoyed watching Vlada Bilyak’s documentary about Jewish identity for young people from the former Soviet Union.

Graphic Details: Interview with co-curator, Michael Kaminer


"Self-Portrait (for Graphic Details)", 2010

What began with a 2008 story about autobiographical comics by Jewish women in The Forward has developed into a touring museum exhibit.

Sharing the stories of Katrina's Jewish Voices


The Beth Israel Congregation's Menorah

This weekend we lead up to the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which struck New Orleans on the morning of August 29th, 2005 killing more than 1,700 people and displacing hundreds of thousands.

Catching up with "Rhymes With Orange's" Hilary Price on the 15th anniversary of her national syndication


Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Hilary Price about the upcoming 15th anniversary of the national syndication of her popular comic strip, Rhymes with Orange. With its debut, Hilary Price became the youngest woman ever to have a nationally-syndicated cartoon strip at age 25.


Rising Voices


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