What can we learn from Jewish women partisans? Jewish Partisan Education Foundation announces 2012 Youth Writing Contest


Jewish Partisan Education Project 2012 Youth Writing Contest

Thanks to the success of feature film Defiance (2008), Americans now associate the history of Jewish partisans with the hunky Bielsk

Yes Virginia, Holocaust deniers still exist and run for Congress


The significance of meeting a Holocaust survivor while on my way to visit Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial, is not lost on me – but that’s what happened to me two weeks ago

After a lifetime of silence, Deborah Strobin shares her story


Deborah Strobin
An Uncommon Journey by Deborah Strobin and Ilie Wacs

For most of her life, philanthropist Deborah Strobin kept her past a secret from her friends, her children, and even her husband.

The abortion/Holocaust analogy and the reality of abortion during the Holocaust


Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust (HBI Series on Jewish Women)

A few months ago, a friend of mine told me about a screening of the film "180" at her university.

How should we respond to Neo-Nazi internet trolls?


Last week, Talkin’ Reckless (my personal blog) was the subject of a blog post on a Neo-Nazi website. Ever since then, I’ve been getting a lot of shockingly graphic, anti-semitic, hatemail.

Hurricane Irene claims life of a Survivor


Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene whipped through the East Coast of the U.S.

Eating Jewish: Caramels from Baden -- A way to remember


Caramel from Baden

Talking about food, about the recipes that we’ve tried and recipes that we want to try is often a topic of conversation when I’m with my family and friends. It allows us to share recipes for dishes that we’ve enjoyed and those that we think others would also enjoy. It gives us the opportunity to learn about new dishes or about new ways to make ones that we’ve previously tried. We get to share the stories that go along with the dishes, while at the same time allowing us to connect to our cultural and religious identities.

The Loaded Tattoo


Holocaust remembrance tattoo

Today on Truth, Praise & Help, Renee Ghert-Zand expressed her displeasure at two Israeli men who decided to honor their Holocaust survivor matriarch with a tattoo of her Auschwitz number on their forearms. She, like many Jews, has trouble with tattoos and finds Holocaust remembrance tattoos particularly offensive.

Against All Odds, My Grandmother's Story


Three generations

Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah, is this Sunday. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think about the Holocaust very often.

When I come across some literature, a news clip, a movie, obviously. I pause and take note. An extra moment to notice. To think. My heart skip a beat. My eyes tear up. And I always feel just a titch helpless. And then I move on.

Mazel tov to Hasia Diner, winner of a 2009 National Jewish Book Award



The JWA family extends a joyous mazel tov to Hasia Diner, winner of a 2009 National Jewish Book Award.  Her recent work, We Remember with Reverence and Love, was the winner of the Celebrate 350 Award in American Jewish Studies. 


Rising Voices


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